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Titanium Series Annular Cutter Set 7PC

TiAlN coated Ultra-Kut™ annular cutters are the ultimate in cutting performance. These cutters are designed specifically for situations where cutting fluid is impractical or not permitted.

Titanium Series cutters multi-layered coating reduces heat from cutting friction, lowering friction and improving service life by 3-4x over regular annular cutters, increasing productivity through less downtime and substantially reducing costs.

The attractive, premium quality metal case keeps your annular cutters safe and organized.

Titanium Series Annular Cutter Set 7PC

  • Sizes: 9/16, 11/16, 13/16, 15/16, 1, 1-1/6 x 1″ Depth of Cut (DOC) and a pilot pin
  • P/N: UA0265

Titanium Series Annular Cutters feature:

  • Universal Shank fits most brands of magnetic drill while still providing the strength of the two flat mounting system
  • Double action tooth geometry makes cutting faster, smoother and reduces chatter
  • Titanium Aluminum Nitride coating improves service life by 3-4x by reducing cutting temperature, lowering friction and reducing cutting time

Drilling Tips

  • Annular cutters work best with constant, confident pressure. If the magnetic drill motor is noticeably struggling or the chips produced are blue in colour, ease off the pressure.
  • Titanium coated cutters are the ideal solution for cutting harder metals.
  • Smaller diameter cutters use higher feed rates than larger cutters.
  • To increase the life of your cutter, use lubricating fluid or sticks.


  • Annular cutters are great for making new holes – but they are lousy at makes holes larger. Attempting to enlarge a hole is the primary cause of cutter breakage. To enlarge a hole, use a reamer or lathe.
  • Titanium Series Annular Cutter Set


CNC machined
Universal with two flats
TiAlN coating
Sizes: 9/16, 11/16, 13/16, 15/16, 1, 1-1/6 x 1″ Depth of Cut (DOC) and a pilot pin


Idea for cutting holes in aluminum, mild and stainless steel, and provide good performance on harder metals.