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Wolverine Grip Pullers

Wolverine Grip Pullers are portable ‘tirfor-style’ manual winches that use wire rope to lift, pull and position loads over great distances. The forward and reverse action allows precision load placement.

Grip pullers are lightweight, compact and feature a high strength aluminum housing. Overload protection is featured in each unit for user safety, and each unit is tested to 125% its rated capacity in Canada.

Each Wolverine Grip Puller is tested and certified in Canada with included certificate and manual.

Metric and SAE sized rope of appropriate size fit our grip pullers.
(Rope specifications and part numbers in specifications tab)

Each Wolverine is backed by our 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Wolverine Grip Pullers
  • Wolverine Grip Pullers
  • Wolverine Grip Pullers
Lifting Capacity Pulling Capacity Rope Diameter P/N
800kg 1,2500kg 8.3mm / 5/16" TM0600
1,600kg 2,500kg 11mm / 7/16" TM0605
3,200kg 5,000kg 16mm / 5/8" TM0610


1600kg and 3200kg models come with a convenient carrying handle on the puller body.
The load capacity of the grip puller system can be increased by using sheaves or yarding blocks.


Pulling or lifting loads with accuracy over long distances


8.3mm – 5/16″ Wire Rope
20m/66ft (TM0630) / 30m/100ft (TM0631)

11mm – 7/16″ Wire Rope
20m/66ft (TM0635) / 30m/100ft (TM0636)

16mm – 5/8″ Wire Rope
20m/66ft (TM0640) / 30m/100ft (TM0641)