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Plate Clamps

PTA Plate clamps enable plates to be suspended for transfer, or turned over from the horizontal to the true vertical position.

Full 180⁰ turning range for material transfer, turning or moving.

Hardened steel jaws for positive grip and locking mechanism.

Each unit is load tested and certified in Canada by PTA with certificate included.

Conforms to ASME B30.20-2010 Design Category A, Service Class 0 lifting classifications.

Meets ASME and CE safety standards.


  • Plate Clamps
Capacity Jaw Opening P/N
1 TON 0 - 13/16" TM0461
2 TON 0 - 1" TM0462
3 TON 0 - 1-3/16" TM0463
5 TON 0 - 2" TM0465


Hardened steel jaws for positive grip
Locking mechanism


Lift plates vertically
Turn plates full 180⁰ from horizontal to vertical to horizontal