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Compact Lever Puller

Our 1/2 Ton Series Chain Lever Hoists are extremely portable, lightweight and rugged. The all aluminum body weights only 5 lbs and the entire puller fits into a convenient carrying pouch, making this little hoist a great addition to any toolkit.


  • Tough chain – 80 Grade Galvanized steel – for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Faster to use – Free wheel knob allows the fast and easy free chaining to quickly take up slack
  • Available in standard 5′ lifts
  • Custom lifts available (same day service)

All PTA hoists are built with quality and durability as the main priorities.

  • All load bearing parts are rated to 400% of their indicated limit
  • Forged, swiveling carbon steel hooks reduce chain twisting
  • Articulating top hook to help with centering loads
  • 360⁰ rotating, rubber grip handle

Every hoist is inspected, tested and certified under stringent conditions.

Every PTA Lever Hoist comes with a user manual and test certificate.


  • ASME B30.21 – 2005
  • ASME HST – 3 – 1999
  • Grade 80 heat treated, corrosion resistant load chain

Each PTA hoist has a 1 Year Warranty on non-wear parts.

  • Compact Lever Puller
Capacity Lift Weight P/N
1/2 TON 5' 6 LBS TM0371-5


Free Chain Knob Light weight, aluminum construction Powder coated finish for added corrosion resistance Heat treated Grade 80 hoisting chain for longer life Meets CE safety standards Custom lifts available (fastest and the best value in the industry) Comes with manual and test certificate


Lifting or pulling loads below the rated lifting capacity from a static position