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Beam Clamps

Beam Clamps provide a temporary or permanent mount to a wide range of tapered or flat beams. They are the ideal rigging device for lifting, pulling or suspending loads.

Can be adjusted to fit a wide range of flange & beam widths. Quick and simple installation is achieved without tools – the special locking screw mechanism ensures the unit stays tight when installed. Beam clamp design reduces flange stress by distributing load away from flange edges. Built in shackle for load suspension.

Each beam clamp is tested and certified in Canada to hold 150% of the rated load. Each clamp is individually serialized.

Capacity Minimum Curve Radius I-Beam Flange Width P/N
1 TON 10" 3" - 9-1/16" TM0450
2 TON 43" 3" - 9-1/16" TM0451
3 TON 51" 3-1/8" - 12-5/8" TM0452
5 TON 55" 3-1/8" - 12-5/8" TM0453