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Ultra-Kut Gold Annular Cutters

Ultra-Kut Gold Annular Cutters are the industry standard for hole making in heavy duty applications. More precise than twist drills, these cutters can increase your cutting speed by up to 3x over conventional methods, and leave a reamed quality, burr free hole.

Gold Series Ultra-Kut™ cutters feature:

  • Double action tooth geometry makes cutting faster, smoother and reduces chatter.
  • Ground and fully fluted ejection channels provide better chip evacuation requiring less power and improving performance in deeper holes.
  • Weldon Shank with two flats for cutting mounting ensures a rigid cutting environment – up to 2x the tool life compared to quick change mounting systems on competitive brands.

Drilling Tips

  • Gold Series Annular Cutters work best with constant, confident pressure with lubricant or cutting fluid. If the magnetic drill motor is noticeably struggling or the chips produced are blue in colour, ease off the pressure.
  • Smaller diameter cutters use higher feed rates than larger cutters.
  • To increase the life of your cutter, use lubricating fluid or sticks.


  • Annular cutters are great for making new holes – but they are lousy at makes holes larger. Attempting to enlarge a hole is the primary cause of cutter breakage. To enlarge a hole, use a reamer or lathe.
  • Ultra-Kut Gold Annular Cutters
Cutter Dia (in) Decimal Equivalent P/N 1" DOC P/N 2" DOC
Use with Pilot UA0059 UA0159
7/16 .4375 UA0000 UA0100
1/2 .5000 UA0002 UA0102
Use with Pilot UA0060 UA0160
9/16 .5625 UA0003 UA0103
5/8 .6250 UA0005 UA0105
11/16 .6875 UA0006 UA0106
3/4 .7500 UA0008 UA0108
13/16 .8125 UA0010 UA0110
7/8 .8750 UA0011 UA0111
15/16 .9375 UA0013 UA0113
1 1.000 UA0014 UA0114
1-1/16 1.0625 UA0016 UA0116
1-1/8 1.1250 UA0018 UA0118
1-3/16 1.1875 UA0019 UA0119
1-1/4 1.2500 UA0021 UA0121
1-5/16 1.3125 UA0022 UA0122
1-3/8 1.3750 UA0024 UA0124
1-7/16 1.4375 UA0026 UA0126
1-1/2 1.5000 UA0027 UA0127
1-9/16 1.5625 UA0029 UA0129
1-5/8 1.6250 UA0030 UA0130
1-11/16 1.6875 UA0032 UA0132
1-3/4 1.7500 UA0033 UA0133
1-13/16 1.8125 UA0035 UA0135
1-7/8 1.8750 UA0037 UA0137
1-15/16 1.9375 UA0039 UA0139
2 2.000 UA0040 UA0140
2-1/16 2.0625 UA0141
2-1/8 2.1250 UA0143
2-3/16 2.1875 UA0145
2-1/4 2.2500 UA0146
2-5/16 2.3125 UA0148
2-3/8 2.3750 UA0149


CNC machined
Weldon Shank with two flats


Idea for cutting holes in aluminum, mild and stainless steel, and provide good performance on harder metals.