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Velcro Discs

Velcro backed surface conditioning discs are made of non-woven, compressible nylon fibers impregnated with aluminum oxide grain with a nylon hook and loop backing.

These discs attach to J hook, velcro style back up pads for use on high speed grinders.

Generally used for stock removal, finishing, deburring and blending of steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and wood. Available in coarse, medium and very fine grits.

Tan (coarse), Maroon (medium) and Blue (very fine) grits

Size Colour Grit P/N
4-1/2" Tan Coarse DH1050
4-1/2" Maroon Medium DH1051
4-1/2" Blue Very Fine DH1053
5" Tan Coarse DH1060
5" Maroon Medium DH1061
5" Blue Very Fine DH1063
6" Tan Coarse DH1070
6" Maroon Medium DH1071
6" Blue Very Fine DH1073
7" Tan Coarse DH1080
7" Maroon Medium DH1081
7" Blue Very Fine DH1083


Tan (coarse), Maroon (medium) and Blue (very fine) grits