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Taper 14⁰ L-Shaped Carbide Burrs

Premier Series carbide burrs are made from the highest quality tungsten carbide and manufactured on state of the art CNC machines – which gives the highest consistency and quality of any burr on the market. This provides sharper and more durable burrs that cut smoother and reduce operator fatigue.

Taper 14⁰ L-Shaped Carbide Burrs are used for work on narrow workpiece contours and surfaces.

Premium Tool is known for its extensive range of carbide burrs and large inventory supply of sizes others will only special order.

Whether you are doing weld slag removal, chamfering, weld preparation or deburring, PTA Premier Series burrs resist wear and are extremely durable.

Available in:

  • Double Cut – the industry standard for general removal
  • Fast Mill Cut – for softer metals, such as aluminum
  • 6″ Overall Length in various sizes
  • The widest variety of sets in Canada
  • Taper 14⁰ L-Shaped Carbide Burrs
DIA. x Length Double Cut (D/C) 6" Length D/C Fast Mill Cut (FMC)
1/4 x 5/8 SL1DC SL1DC6OAL
5/16 x 7/8 SL2DC
3/8 x 1-1/16 SL3DC SL3DC6OAL SL3FMC
1/2 x 1-1/8 SL4DC SL4DC6OAL SL4FMC
5/8 x 1-5/16 SL6DC
3/4 x 1-1/2 SL7DC


CNC machined from high quality tungsten carbide
Plastic blow mold case keeps burrs organised and protected
Shank: 1/4″


Double Cut Burrs – Steel, Stainless Steel, alloys and exotics
Fast Mill Cut (FMC) – Aluminum, Non-ferrous metals, Reinforced plastics and other soft materials
Weld removal, chamfering, weld preparation, deburring
Metal fabrication, aerospace, foundries, power plants, ship building, automotive, contractors, trailers, agrimotive, and military equipment.


1-3/4″ standard length with 1/4″ shank
6″ overall length with 1/4″ shank