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16 PC Punch & Chisel Set


  • 1/8    Pin Punch        T4822
  • 3/16  Pin Punch        T4824
  • 1/4    Pin Punch        T4827
  • 1/8    Solid Punch     T4852
  • 3/16  Solid Punch     T4855
  • 1/4    Solid Punch     T4857
  • 5/32  Centre Punch  T4871
  • 3/16  Centre Punch  T4872
  • 5/16  Centre Punch  T4873
  • 3/16  Drift Punch      T4894
  • 1/4    Drift Punch      T4896
  • 5/16  Cold Chisel       T4801
  • 1/2    Cold Chisel       T4804
  • 5/8    Cold Chisel       T4807
  • 3/4    Cold Chisel       T4810
  • 7/8    Cold Chisel       T4814

Solid Punches are ideal for loosening frozen or tight pins and keys prior to using a pin punch.

Pin Punches are ideal for driving out and removing already loosened pins and keys after initial movement by a solid or standing punch

Centre punches are used to mark the center of a point, usually used to mark the center of a hole when drilling holes.

Cold chisels are used for cutting, shaping or removing metals softer than the chisel itself such as wrought iron, unhardened steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Warning: Always use punches and chisels on materials softer than the hardness of the punch itself.

Warning: Always wear safety goggles

P/N: T4996