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Backing Pads

PTA Spiral Cool packing pads for resin fibre discs have heavy duty rubber construction and a spiral design for superior cooling, resulting in longer disc life.

For an economical alternative, try our new polypropylene backing pads. These pads are lighter than the rubber alternative and can be used at higher RPMs.

All backing pads come complete with 5/8-11 centre nut.



  • Backing Pads
Description Material P/N
4-1/2" Backing Pad Rubber D1700
5" Backing Pad Rubber D1705
7" Backing Pad Rubber D1710
5" Backing Pad Polyproylene D1720
7" Backing Pad Polyproylene D1725
Centre Nut D1710
Adjustable Pin Wrench D1765


Backing pad for resin fibre discs

Pin wrench used to tighten pad onto angle grinder


Right angle grinder for use with resin fiber discs